"The Thorn of the Great Lakes"

"Arctic Aristocrats"

"The Bumble"

USCGC Bramble WAGL-392 WLC-392

The retired USCGC Bramble (WAGL/WLB-392) is one of 39 180-foot Seagoing Buoy Tenders designed and built in the early 1940s for the U.S. Coast Guard.

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Significant Dates

Keel Laid: 2 August 1943

Launched: 23 October 1943

Commissioned: 22 April 1944

Decommissioned: 22 May 2003

Key Specifications

Cost: $925,464
Length: 180' oa Beam: 37' mb
Draft: 12' (1945); 13'11" (1962)
Displacement: 935 fl (1945); 1025 fl (1962); 694 light (1962)

Armament: 1-3"/50 (single), 2-20mm/80 (single), 2 depth charge tracks, 2 Mousetraps, 4 Y-guns (1945); None (1966)

Propulsion / Mechanical

Propulsion: 1 electric motor connected to 2 Westinghouse generators driven by 2 Cooper-Bessemer-type GND-8, 4-cycle diesels; single screw

Top speed: 13.0 kts sustained (1945); 11.9 kts sustained (1966)

Economic speed: 8.3 kts (1945); 8.5 kts (1966)

Complement: 6 officers, 74 enlisted (1945); 3 officers, 2 warrants, 42 enlisted (1962)

Historical Deployments

Great Lakes '43-'44 San Pedro, CA '44-'45 Juneau, AK '45-'46 San Francisco, CA '46 Hawaii, HI '46-'47 San Francisco, CA '47-'49 San Juan, PR '49-'53 Miami Beach, FL '53-'62 Detroit, MI '62-'74 Port Huron, MN '74-2003

Bramble: A thorny plant of the genus rubus in the rose family.

Brambles include  blackberries, loganberries and other closely related plants.

Following World War II, the Bramble participated in “Operation Crossroads,” the first test of an atomic bomb’s effect on surface ships, at Bikini Island.

In 1957, along with the cutters “Spar” and “Storis”, she headed for the Northwest Passage, traveling through the Bering Straits and Arctic Ocean.

These three surface vessels were the first to circumnavigate the North American Continent, an ambition mariners have had for more than 400 years.


From our Owner and Crew

USCGC Bramble – New Time Lapse

USCGC Bramble is pleased to post a new time lapse video of the vessel departing Port Huron, through Detroit and Lake Erie on her way to the Welland Canal.

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