We apologize for the lack of updates regarding the USCGC Bramble over the last 18 months or so. As you can imagine some personal, local, as well as global, issues have prevented getting around to posting information on this site.

For those unaware, the Bramble was sold on December 4th, 2019, by court order, to Modern American Recycling Services (MARS), who have previously purchased other USCGC’s of the same design. The future plans for the vessel have yet to be disclosed. (More information can be found here and here)

As such the vessel is unlikely to see any passage, sailings or further activity without some intervention from the USCG, a team of well-wishers or other entity willing to take on the time and expense of keeping one of the last 180 foot buoy tenders afloat.

Meanwhile, this website will remain active through to the 19th March 2024 when the current registration expires for both domains. (uscgcbramble.org and uscgc-bramble.com) For all inquiries regarding this website please contact us at info@uscgc-bramble.com.